Scope of services

High-end network training

corporate training (face-to-face)
personal training (face-to-face or net grant)
free advantage:
Chinese teacher, teaching, video lecture, the foot doesn't go out and FAQ.
make the service concept:
Please bring your questions and expectations, method and let you back results!
free training courses:
personal training subject: NET grant 2000/subject     face-to-face 3800/subject
website                  (A quick building technology at home and abroad, so not hard to build a Web site in the world! )
SEO                   (master of the fire most practical SEO website optimization technology, build the website core competitiveness! )
Web page                   (allow you to design the most beautiful Web page)
United States making money online       &Nbsp;             (made in China make us dollars)
WORDPERSS training          (were you by its excellent)
E-commerce training                (let you play with domestic and foreign e-commerce)
design          &Nbsp;              (internationalization of design aesthetic works)
English            &Nbsp;                  (you are away so they do not worry about language)