What is search engine optimization?

With the rapid development of the Internet industry, competition is increasing on the Internet, most people are willing to search the Internet for content they want, born out of a search engine, search engine optimization, so what is search engine optimization? Search engine optimization is to optimize Web site content and external content, was included on the website by search engines and rankings improved, allowing more shows in front of users.
what is search engine optimization?
search engine optimization, search engine retrieval methods and characteristics of modified internal code, adding external links, and ways to make it comply with the search engine's preferences, so as to enhance website ranking in the search engines, or increase number of pages indexed in search engines. Search engine optimization evolved from abroad, the English abbreviation is called SEO. Search engine optimization
search engine is in the mid 90 's. First generation of search engines begin to categorize Internet. Let user can more precise of in countless website in the search to himself wants to of content, just began, all of website technicians need do of is put himself of address submitted to search engine, to let search engine spider robot (Spider) can climbed take included himself of website, and due to increasingly more of website submitted, produced has very more of garbage content and directory, so search engine company on began finishing they of list, to displayed according to most contact Dang for of page for priority, on such, A new industry was born, that's search engine optimization (SEO), search engine optimization tutorial released, website internal optimization and let the spider robots could be better included in the page content and improve the flow.
today, the search engine optimization industry has known, and want to do optimization is not a simple thing, search engines may use hundreds of factors in the arrangement list, the share of each of the factors and factors likely to keep changing, so a good SEO people, must at all times observe the search engine changes, to adjust the site, make your site rank better.


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