Several methods to improve Baidu keyword ranking

How to improve keyword ranking, seoer is thinking about every day issues, SEO professionals do things every day, nothing to improve keyword ranking. According to my own site experience, summarizes some SEO optimization techniques!
first, the wording of the title
the same site: that is, has the same weight and the customer, because the wording of the title is different, will directly affect the site's ranking. What about how to write keywords? If the site has selected three keywords, generally the most difficult to optimize the keywords at the front, the best optimization of keywords in the back, what connection between keywords, according to website optimization experience and level.
II, and key word and description label
key word label in the should not be placed too much of key word, three a effect best,, website of keywords made obviously of effect Hou, again added remaining of key word, remaining of key word can put in two level domain name in the, key word of select still don't over three a, key word label of arranged in the, still to followed difficulty big of key word put in front of principles.
/> third, the external link site external links can lead search engines to crawl your site more quickly, and can effectively solve the problem of slow snapshot update; snapshot update slowly, there is reason itself does not update the Web site. -A5, step out and so on, are relatively good platform. For example my website keywords ' make money online ', in the Baidu search results ranking is good!
four, and website content of update
website content of update, best of approach is to see you of website of potential user need what content, then in Internet Shang search summary, with himself of thought be summary, released written, tip, ranking natural on up has, for those collection of articles, although search engine at this stage cannot abandoned, but in search engine constantly perfect of while, collection content will will disappeared in search engine in the, especially that content Shang convergence not coherent of website.