Rankings of practical experience!

1. do
a website that wants to survive for a long time on the Internet, they must do their own building! Want to do some content-building and contents development plans must be prepared! Which aspects of the planned to do, what to do, what is the focus of Web site, what is the site of fire, what is the selling point of the site, and what is the website unique and original work!
the chain construction plan mainly refers to the types to do publicity for the site outside, and outside the chain of distribution, in which sites send the chain better, Web industry which fit to do network marketing, which Web sites can be branded, which Web sites outside the chain of high weight and so on. Outside the chain can refer to shuangse Qiu predicted the chain approach. As long as there are plans to do outside the chain, then the site ranking will certainly be quite stable!
3. phase flow analysis and summary
Web site traffic analysis and summary of work is also very important! Only a good analysis of the site traffic to route and keywords for the site traffic and users, such as bounce rate analysis, we can better understand your site's shortcomings, corrective, as long as they are loyal to a user friendly website, natural search engine is also very like it! So do traffic analysis is more conducive to enhancing the user experience!