Site search is used to analyze visitors value optimization

SEO! PPC! Content planning! Conversion rate!? When we consciously strive to, work hard, be pious attitude, thanks to all visitors, 90% of them are free and easy to flick my sleeves not even a wisp of cloud, miffed we b site workers. That would be to have an insight into their thoughts, their heart? Besides search keyword analysis, visitor behavior analysis of roundabout means, site search analysis and survey, was more direct, more to the point.

should not be left out of the core data based on keyword analysis (search volume and competition), questionnaires, and other ways to adjust or add new site column and content is our usual way. But too tactful, arbitrary mixed results are more likely to, or the results obtained with the visitor's willingness to be deviations (you don't know me! )。
search data, targeted, highly accurate, visually the exact features and advantages, the best resource is our understanding of user needs, is what we should focus on the object. Site search, search terms, search, search pages viewed,% search exits, such as site search usage, originated visitor inside and experience directly expose the inner needs of visitors, as well as the content of the Web site matches.
search terms for hidden value
visitors from search engines to specific landing pages, normally use more long tail keyword search, such as size, color, price, type, and so on. If not, we'll have to think about SEO and PPC Keywords selection contents, products and services are reasonable and perfect.
first of all, starting from the popular search terms, and ensure that our top search terms in search results and is the best match (a match made in heaven). And to optimize how search results are displayed, enhancing visitor Call to Action to boot.
in addition, the site search terms, is a keyword SEO optimization and PPC pay very good sources. They directly reveal, potential clients in your site expects the demand for products and services; if there are suitable products and services, they will instantly convert the customer. Therefore, search times higher conversion rate is not ideal (low or normal) keywords, consider adding it to SEO optimization or PPC release list, established a preferred landing page (PLP,Prefered Landing Page), keyword optimization layout and content, better goal conversion.

Hold search results rankings will take visitors from the keyword search results pages to the best landing page, improve visitor interaction and reduce bounce rates, is one of the objectives of the SEO optimization. This equally applies to site search.
, we usually try to do a search term corresponds to the preferred landing page selection and content optimization. Can ignore the results presentation, site search word rather than a preferred landing page has a good match? Tender is absolutely key steam!
in fact, different from outside Google, Baidu search engine, we have the power and ability to control the search results ranking. Rather than let visitors "next page" to page to find, being bored, why not on the first page of the core keyword landing page ready to match its preferences? So very good, best matches ranked NO.1, kill does not want to be seen and related poorly, and the best bets for the keyword search results pages fixed.
search words, such as ancient texts records the stories of visitors and comments like, waiting for archaeologists to discover, to read. If, say, a visitor several times within a short time replace the search terms, you might need on the results show not her. If the same search words were repeated by many visitors search, then they can be added to the category or in the navigation menu, to provide a more convenient experience.
by search term analysis and excavation sites lack of relevant content. By analyzing search keywords list to clearly find out what visitors are looking for, and how to adjust and optimize the site content and add new. But will find some content needs at this time, beyond the site's business and objectives. Want visitors happy, then what? In this case, consider using blogs, forums and other social networking platforms to create relevant content. That didn't offend visitors, added relevant content, have your cake and eat it too.

user feedback we should be, accurate information based on user feedback, optimizing site search, and even the whole user experience, intuition, inspiration, is it? I think, unless with Jo Wang-like innovations and forward-looking, so we are going to stop listening to the users, it should be more reliable. By two or three short questions similar to the following, you can get the information we want:
1, you just use the search keywords, what are they?
2, through the search keyword, what you want to find information?
3, site search results, where you want the information?
Finally, the analysis of feedback, you can optimize the following:
2/>1, and SEO and PPC keyword, site-wide search results
4/>3, missing content, site navigation and page structure