How to make Baidu, fast included your website

When we took over the customer's stand, usually many new stations and want to Baidu spiders include the pages on your site, want to publish outside the chain Baidu Spider to your site, and the high quality of the chain is very important.
why we want to publish outside the chains? Chain release is mainly to make the spider to move into our new website, and, outside the chain, the more, higher quality, Baidu Spider to our website's confidence will be high and more convenient page of our Web site to be included.
new addition to build good content, website, you also need to do outside the chain, not only of high quality of the chain will bring us the spider, and is also helpful for website traffic. At present, outside the chain of forum posting replies, powerful blog post, there are question-and-answer platform to do outside the chain, but also can do in some classified information on the platform outside the chain, put them together, then quality, website optimization is very helpful. Station
want to use the article to attract spiders, the new station needs to adhere to for a long time, while the old station you need to rely on wave frequency and flow.
when we create a new Web site, is the most important station in the article, it is very important to update the original article, a good station article can not only attract users, and also attracts Baidu spider crawl, a long stick, the Spider will often visit your site, and your site's pages.
many webmaster in optimization website Shi are very of lazy, not habits himself update original articles, but take collection of method, then will articles of tail paragraph modified Hou upload to website in the, such is very bad of, although you of website Shang all are is content, but on Spider for, these are is useless of, is some garbage articles, not only not included you of articles page, and also will caused drop right.
in here, I recommends everyone, wants to do content need points two step go, to some large of portal website Shang submission, like A5 or is chinaz, portal network, we also does not must to wrote original articles, can first select a article compared good of articles, roughly of reading a again Hou, according to articles of roughly mean and you of understanding, combined himself by know of some knowledge, again wrote a article new of articles to, let this article articles deviated from has originally author of mean, into you himself of articles, so , A good article is not it? Article updates in the same way, if you know a lot about a certain keyword is not, you can take a look at other people's articles, and according to their own understanding, insert appropriate keywords, a high quality article is not there yet?
want the article second income is not impossible, as long as the long, good detail, not just the outer optimization is better, optimize also note that second income is not a dream, summarized above is the wider network staff members hope to help everyone.