How to do a site optimization

How to do a site optimization, site optimization to how reasonable is wanhui SEO staff collate some of the following, I hope to help all seoer.
a, and reasonable simple of URL
too long of URL on and spider grab is is adverse of, so said we to let URL simple clear is, and in URL Center but appropriate of added one points website keywords so can promotion website of ranking, let spider more to see have up, certainly this had to for English website keywords, Chinese words can take pinyin put together also is is each website keywords of first a subtitles, do not too too long.
II, and advertising and external information take calls
in website optimization of process in the, inevitability of to in myself of website Shang invoked one points external of resources also is advertising, but directly added to Code Center will directly sex of that code too range, will effect to spider visited of speed, then led to one points what necessary of effect, so said we can used JS calls, approach to purposes solution. There is not decorating site too flashy, trying to clean, so that not only do the user experience and search engine friendly.
three, and & station within SEO of focus
reasonable of will filter of website keywords wrote into tilte Center, unique of description, articles which website keywords of density (General for hundred points 6-hundred points 8 Zhijian best), original and pseudo original joint articles topics content purposes compiled and deliberately conspicuous to performance of is what, to spider a eye-catching of expression, can using is label purposes deliberately performance.
four, picture properties and duplicate content issues
as a SEO practitioner, right to know that search engine spiders cannot recognize the pictures can only grab the picture centered ALT Web site keywords, so make sure that your site with pictures of friendly questions, as far as possible let website keywords in the ALT and title in line with, so articles can be and work engagement. Many webmasters for one moment convenient often get posted to the article or articles from other sites published to the website, resulting in stations or online content duplication, these spider-like performance, the light does not include the content, weight will be down the right, and therefore proposed that webmasters not to do so.
five, reasonable work good inbound links
inbound links can be divided into two kinds: 1 2, bare links, anchor text. But in the anchor text is the best, anchor text is also the webmaster Web site keywords optimization in the station's longest work. Articles often appear in keywords when you can use the Web site only after the anchor text links to related home page, category pages or content pages, so can be very helpful to improve the Web site itself, the weight target website keywords are equivalent to cast a vote. So it should be reasonable arrangements between blocks, articles are Home weight distribution between articles, but not the purposes of accumulation of anchor text links issue, otherwise, it is not worth it.