Website ranking and quality have to say

Weight and you know Baidu ranking, is closely related to the user experience, user experience and the quality of the article and I have to say, then Baidu spider small series to introduce here is how to judge the quality of an article. There are 5 main
1, article title and came to the site to crawl content uniqueness
spider, first thing I see is a page header, if spider and index library is found in the title, then less appetite. The content of the article is not unique, stations do not have a lot of duplicate content, outside the station also needs to be unique.
2, article title and site content relevance
title is the site of crowning, good title to attract users, but avoid heading the party, or even attracting users can only increase the bounce rate, resulting in poor user experience.
3, paragraph of article content: independence and topic relevance and keyword density is different from the writing of
soft, more focused on the user experience, in addition to practical, be aware that the layout of the article, and paragraph level. Avoid accumulation of keywords in order to increase the keyword density.
4 internal anchor text links, article number and the number of external links
crawling spiders follow links, reasonable within the chain will not only guide the spiders crawl can also guide the user to see more of the Web. Chain number affects the corresponding article's ranking in search results, but also play the role of drainage, the chain is right and played a promotional role.
5, issued a reprint of the article and references.
reprinted and referenced the equivalent mentioned in the 4th chain, is to be sure of the contents of the user, automatically increase search engine friendliness of the website.