Domain name registration

business, Government, non-governmental organizations and other institutions or individuals registered with the domain name registrar name, is on the Internet, enterprises or institutions to communicate with the network address. Basic types

domain name is a domain name (international top-level domain-names, referred to as iTDs), also known as the international top-level domain. This is the earliest and most widely used domain name. For example businesses. com, said Internet providers. NET, and non-profit organizations. Org, and so on.
b is the domain name, also known as the national top-level domain (national top-level domainnames, referred to as nTLDs), that is, according to the country's various different suffixes, these domain names for the country's domestic top level domain. Currently more than 200 countries and regions are assigned by ISO3166 country code top-level domain, for example is CN, China, United States is us, Japan is the JP and so on.
in the actual use and function, international domain names and domain names in China without distinction of any kind, is a unique identity on the Internet. Only on the final authority, international domain names by the United States Commerce Department authorized by the Internet Corporation for assigned names and numbers (The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) that ICANN is responsible for the registration and administration; and domestic domain is managed by the China Internet network information center (China Internet Network Information Center) CNNIC is responsible for the registration and administration.